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Water Parks


It provides six hectares of family fun to occupy you for the whole day. Within the landscaped gardens is a choice of thrills that offer speed, excitement, or just gentle pleasure. For the daredevil, try the Banzai Boggan gliding down 22 metres of sheer excitement. Also, have a go on the Kamikaze, a 92.50 metre bi-slide! For the less adventurous there is a choice of the Wave Pool, the Kamikaze the Flying Carpets and the Raging Rapids. One of the main attractions is the Corkscrew that has five lanes so a visitor can choose between a very slow ride and a very fast one!

Employees permanently control all slides in the park. Trained lifeguards watch all the pools - Safety is their first priority.

For small children they have a very special area with specially trained attendants. The Rainbow Park has special soft slides in the shape of different animals, water sprinklers, and their friendly mascot Zappy who is there to play with the children.

There is a large terraced Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Pizzeria, Ice-cream kiosks, and Souvenir and Photo shops. There are daily coaches to transport visitors to and from the Park.





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