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                                             Horse Riding                            



Portugal is the country considered by many as the home of the pure Lusitano breed. This attractive "hot blooded" horse has been bred and developed in the central Ribatejo and upper Alentejo regions for hundreds of years and today is considered a mix of Arab and the pure English Thoroughbred. Internationally acknowledged for its gentle nature and yet its equally graceful agile movements in the bullring. The breed is often chosen by riders for the special training to participate in the international competitions of equestrian events.

A choice of Hacking or Dressage, the visitor will normally find they both readily available. In the Algarve there are many established Riding Stables that are to be found the length of the coast.

The variable terrain of the Algarve provides a very varied selection for Hacking. In the area of Vale do Lobo and Quinta do Lago the soft sandy soil through enchanting pinewoods makes for a very comfortable ride. The inland region of Silves provides small valleys and tracks that take the rider into charming countryside or further up into the dense eucalyptus forests. To the west of Portim„o there are seemingly endless rides into virtually uninhabited areas with open rolling hills. A trip further north into the Alentejo region around …vora provides the rider with the freedom of long open countryside riding.

Enjoyment of Dressage is related on the quality of the mount and the Stable should be carefully chosen. The experience of riding a Lusitanian horse that has been bred and trained for the bull ring is sheer magic!

Stables provide selected horses for the nervous or inexperienced rider. When initially discussing with the Stable your mount it is a highly important to be honest about your own riding abilities so that the Stable can provide a suitable